December 26, 2004

That was fun

I made hats and purses for all of my cousins and Aunt's & Uncles. Everyone really seamed to like their gifts and the boys wore their cabled hats for most of the evening. I realized on the way home last night that I had forgotten to take photos of all the gifts I made... oops.

My cousin loved the poncho I made her and loved that the yarn was ecological wool so no chemical processing or dyes. She said she was never going to take it off :-)

So now I have a couple more purses and a couple baby sweaters that need to be done before the new year. Shouldn't be tough... I have this week off from work :-) And of course I'm going to start a sweater for me before the weather gets too warm.

My boyfriend and I are going into San Francisco (Union Square area) to do some post holiday sale shopping armed with some gift certificates. This is the best time of year to shop for clothes... the sales are awesome. We did the same last year and it looks like this is a new tradition for us :-)

Hope the holiday went well for everyone!

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