July 28, 2007

two failed attempts

I wanted to knit a scarf from my handspun

so I started an Irish Hiking Scarf:
but decided it was too striped for cables.

So I ripped it out and started an entrelac scarf:
but it was too wide (super wide scarf or really narrow stole). So I ripped that one out too and started a more narrow entrelac scarf. I finally have a winner (but no photo... I'll get one up soon)

July 23, 2007

IK Fall 07 preview

preview here
these all look like things I'd like to make (from looking at the small photos at least):

hedgerow_coat hedgerow_back placed_cable_aran dickinson tanlged_yoke tangled_closeup tilted_duster cinibar leavened

the first one looks good without the belt (I hate belted sweaters!) There were also a bunch of socks that looked interesting.

Raverly waiting list

I'm not one of the poeple who has been sending the folks at Raverly annoying emails demanding that they work 97 hours a day so that I be let on now... but I really do wish it were ready for everyone now. I'm antsy and so not close to being let in...

* You signed up on June 15, 2007
* You are #9334 on the list.
* 2866 people are ahead of you in line.
* 10414 people are behind you in line.
* 32% of the list has been invited so far

July 20, 2007

instant gratification

Everyting is just going too slowly... so I started a narrow single rib scarf in size 11 needles. It's Cashmerino superchunky in a forrest green and dusty pink. It's practically done already. I feel this need to use up a bunch of yarn since the moth discovery. I just want to knit thorugh it all and give it away as gifts or wash it up really well and put it in my closet. Hopefully the eucalan really does help moth proof my knitting. Here is the scarf:

July 18, 2007

Baby Kimono knitted

I'm just trying to shame myself into seeming it up now:

July 17, 2007


I had noticed a moth or two in our second bedroom where I keep my roving and yarn (all of it). So I thought it good to go through my jumbo stash moth hunting and stash prtecting. Bought some plastic bins and some big ziploc bags and went to work.


I'm not quite done yet but so far 2 bundles of roving are in the garbage as well at 3 balls of cascade 220. There was some obvious breeding going on. The rest of my yarn and roving have been put into bags and bins so if any of it is infested (although I didn't see anymore evidence) it will at least be contained. What a hassle. This is going to make my yarn diet a lot easier. I want to use up what I have and not add more yarn to the stash that might possibly get infested. Sheesh what a way to spend your weekend.

July 12, 2007

Roadtrip Merino

I swear I still knit. But lately the spinning has been taking over. I'm guessing that eventually I'll have to sell some of the hand spun yarn as there is no way I can knit it all up (plus my substantial machine spun yarn stash). But here is some more spinning goodness.

Roadtrip colorway Spunky Eclectic Merino roving. (can you tell I'm a fan of her roving?):

Single ply:

2ply on the flyer:


and all twisted into a hank:

I did up 8oz of this yarn so it's destined to be a scarf of sorts... have to find a good pattern for this stuff. I really like this one!

July 11, 2007


Superwash merino fiber from Spunky Eclectic in "Castaway":

Single ply yarn:

2ply yarn:


perhaps it's a good thing my yarn purchasing has slowed.... so much handspun to use now.

handspun flip top mittens



Yarn: my handspun (merino spunky ecclectic fiber)
Color: autumn
Pattern: Handknit Holiday Flip-top Mittens
Needles: Knitpicks Options #7
Yarn Quantity: about 2 oz (I need to weigh the remaining yarn)

It's really cool knitting with your own handspun! These are earmarked for my mom. She saw them and really liked them (yesterday was her birthday so I figure one more little gift is in order).

July 10, 2007

Dunder Mifflin Personality Quiz

You scored as Pam Beesly, You're Pam! Oh, I mean Fancy New Beesly. We're all so proud of you.

Pam Beesly


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Dunder Mifflin Personality Quiz
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July 09, 2007

got a new knited toy book... kinda excited

Knitted Toys
by Zoe Mellor

there are so many cute patterns in here. I'm going to make up some of these just to have around for the birthdays of our friends kids. Click on the "view more images" under the image from knit picks site. There is a dinosaur that I just HAVE to make :)

And I finished up a couple projects (need to get some decent light and take some photos). The handspun flip top mittens are all done and washed. And the Baby Kimono (pink thing from a couple posts back) is all knitted... just need to sew it up. I feel good about finishing a couple projects. There are still quite a few on needles but I'm getting through them.

July 04, 2007

cheeky monkey

that's the name of the color of this fiber. Amy over at spunky eclectic has fun with her naming.

Here's the yarn as single ply & 2 ply:
cheekymonkey_handspun_single cheekymonkey_handspun_2ply

And with all this handspun yarn I've been posting... I have actually been knitting with it as well. Making some fliptop mittens with the Autumn 2-ply merino:
flip_top_handspun_ip autumn_merino_2ply_wound