September 22, 2007

goin camping

so I'll be gone until Oct 1st.

happy knitting all. I'll post some camping photos when I get back.

September 18, 2007

September 8th... oops

it was my 3 year blog anniversary and I forgot. So anyhow... I've been doing this whole blog thing for awhile now. Mostly I post photos but that's because I'm not much of a writer... photos are more fun :)

thanks for reading!


one day on my way to work (Bay Bridge West bound into San Francisco)

my first pom pom


Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky
Color: polar & peace pink
Pattern: Hand Knit Holidays - Elf Hat
Needles: knit picks options #15
Yarn Quantity: about 55 yards total

I look like a dork with this hat on but I like it anyway :) I'll get my husband to take a photo of it on me soon.

September 13, 2007

tweed coridale spinning

I've got one sleeve from boatneck bluebell re-knit sans flare (much better). One more to go. Also been working on the Tree Jacket. I really do love the merino I'm using. It's a little more purple less brown than the photo shows.


bought 2 oz of this dark pool blue coridale when the spinning studio around the corner from me had a going out of business sale (Deep Color).


spun that up into a single and then spun up about the same amount of natural white coridale fiber. Then plied them together to make this:


I think mittens from this yarn

September 11, 2007

boatneck bluebell sleeves part 2


well I finished all of one sleeve and 80% or the second when it really dawned on me that I don't like a flared sleeve... the pattern is written with a pretty significant flare (see above flat sleeve). So I ripped back the 80% sleeve to where I added increases... and instead I'm decreasing 1 stitch at each end of the needle every 8th row. I just hope it turns out well.

That setback was enough to make me start another sweater because I'm tired of the blue bell. (although I have since been working on blue bell... I have one sleeve almost done again). I decided to start up the Tree Jacket pattern using merino in a darkred/brown/purple color.


the yarn is so nice and yummy :) And after then endless stockinette stitch of bluebell it's nice to work on this one (still really easy but more interesting)

September 07, 2007

Pink merino handspun

Bought some fiber from pigeon roof studios etsy shop. It's superwash merino in blush.


and the 2ply yarn (didn't get a photo of it as single ply):


I love yarn... so much possibility :)

September 05, 2007

another handspun scarf

I started and finished this scarf last weekend. Some down time was really needed and a very easy knitting pattern paired with some movies fit the bill.

So made a garter stitch scarf from my Superwash merino yarn in Castaway.

in progress:
castaway_garter_scarf_ip castaway_garter_scarf2_ip

and all done:



Yarn: Handspun (superwash merino from spunky ecclectic)
Color: castaway
Pattern: garter stitch
cast on 20 stitches. knit each row untill long enough
Needles: knit picks options #8
Yarn Quantity: 180 yards

September 04, 2007

razor lace scarf

also finally took some photos of this scarf I finished a week ago. It's a little scratchy for a scarf. I may try soaking it longer in eucalan.




Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Sport
Color: Chartreuse 527
Pattern: 2 row repeat
cast on a multiple of 10+1
right side: k1 *yo, k3, slip 1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1*
wrong side: purl
Needles: crystal palace bamboo #5
Yarn Quantity: 2.25 balls (270 yards)

Plaid Cardigan - photos

IT was pretty hot at my place yesterday but I put on a bulky cardigan anyway :) And my husband took some photos for me.

A pleasant knit that moved along nice and quickly (size 10.5 needles will do that). It'll make for a nice light coat this fall. But I need to fix the collar... I need to knit it a little longer and bind off more loosly. I thought it was ok untill I saw the photos :)




Yarn: Rowan Plaid
Color: driftwood #166
Pattern: Give The People What They Want Cardi from Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits
Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars #10 for button bands and collar #10.5 for body and ribbing
Yarn Quantity: about 800 yards