November 29, 2006

knitty patterns to keep track of

Pullover Sweaters:
janda 4.5 st/inch pullover w/hood
mesilla 4 st/inch short sleeve w/embroidery
saranac 4.5 st/inch ribbed zip neck pullover
thermal 6.5 st/inch u-neck waffle pullover
3x chic 3 st/inch bulky ribbed v-neck pullover
ungranny smith fine gauge cardi w/ beads

Cardigan Sweaters:
bpt 5 st/inch cabbled zip cardi w/hood
bristow 4.5-5 st/inch shaped cabled cardi
emerald - 3 st/inch shawl collared reglan (cable detail) cardi
josephine 10.5 st/4 inch bulky cabled belted cardi
mariah 5 st/inch cabled reglan hoodie

soliel 5.5 st/inch lace edged tank

misc head coverings:
calorimetry - 4.5 st/inch wide headband w/ button
center square - 4.25 st/inch fair-isle target circle hat

argosy - 5 st/inch lacy bias squares scarf
astrodome - 4 st/inch fair-isle star patterned hat
coronet - 4.25 st/inch cable brim hat
wavy - 5.5 st/inch wavy ribs

hand coverings:
tiffany - 6 st/inch deco fair-isle mittens
more coming


So exciting. A friend at work today taught me to crochet. Can't wait to get home and practice. Seems like the basic stitch is pretty easy. I picked up the Stitch n Bitch crochet book a while back and have been meaning to try... but having someone walk me through the basics was so much easier :)

I have actually been knitting quite a bit lately. Started and finished a scarf for my dad for christmas. It's made of Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra in a dark/warm blue called Lake. I just did a farrow rib pattern. And once upon a time I started a ballet wrap cardigan from IK and was really enjoying knitting it... got the back and both the fronts done... then I couldn't find the back. It totally disappeared for about 6 months. Last week my husband found it behind a speaker while we were re-arranging the furniture in the living room. Oops. So I dusted it off and started the sleeves for the sweater. It's almost all sewed together now so I'll get some photos posted soon. This is the first sweater I've finished since February. I've started like 5 sweaters... just haven't completed any. Here is the photo of the sweater from IK:
I used bulky merino from in velvet grapes. Such yummy yarn.

November 17, 2006

yarn binge got me....

one scarf to be:
another scarf to be:
some merino lace yarn:
perhaps a felted bag:
a sweater:
and another sweater:
reglan style sleeves in:
body in:

and a little merino roving:

ummm perhaps I got carried away. Here's what happened. Webs ( sent out an annoucement saying that they were now carrying malabrigo merino bulky (the retail version of Which leads me to believe that will not be carrying their merino bulky anymore... so it'll cost me double if I want it. I figured I'd just stock up a bit. That very thing happened to the worsted single ply merino and I kick myself for not buying a sweaters worth of the yarn. oops. Well now I have some of the bulky (which I love). But I paid cash so at least none of my purchase will earn interest.

November 03, 2006

More "must knit" items to add to the pile

IK winter preview... want to make these:

Venezia-Bonus RefinedReglan-Bonus EnidCardigan-Bonus1 Nantucket-mag Cardi4Arwen-mag

so I think I have projects lined up for the next 50 years... sheesh

November 02, 2006

I'm back

Got married Sept 30th.
Flew to Italy Oct 4th.
Flew home Oct 25th.

The wedding was just about perfect. We had fun and loved everyone who was there. Italy was amazing. We went to Rome, Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre (stayed in Vernazza), and Venice. We saw great art and arcitecture. Ate great food. And just enjoyed our honeymoon. I have a ton of photos.

Dan and I in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome:

mmmm gelato: