February 28, 2007

another felted bag (and another zipper needed)

Yarn: Handpaintedyarn.com bulky handspun
Color: Musa
Pattern: I made it up based on mag knits sophie handle
Needles: Addi Turbo #11
Yarn Quantity: 1.5 balls (about 200 yards)

February 26, 2007

stitches west

I went on Saturday with a friend. This is the 3rd year we've gone and there are about 5 booths that I always love.

Lisa Souza
Carolina Homespun
Habu Textiles

and some others that I enjoyed as well. Considering all the temptation there I didn't but that much yarn...

Lisa Souza:
2 hanks of Petal. One in periwinkle and one in celadon.
2 hanks of Superfine Superwash Sport Merino. one in black/purple and one in denim.

1 hank of Superwash Merino in a dark variegated green
1 hank of Silk/Merino in the same dark green color as above
1 hank of Cultivated Silk & Wool in a pale ballet pink (slight variation in the color)
1 hank of their sock yarn in a sage green color

Habu Textiles:
some strange cotton yarns to strand beads on and try to knit some jewelery with.

bought a bunch of their stockbridge yarn to felt and knit some toys.

also got a few balls of merino at a booth that I don't remember the name of.

Carolina Homespun had a bunch of spinning wheels out and I really wanted to try one... but I have no idea how to use one and they seemed a bit busy. I want to buy a wheel... just have no idea what kind. There is a spinning studio around the corner from my house. One of these weekends I'll have to spend some time there and see what wheel I want/like to use.

Actually speaking of spinning. I met some nice spinning/weaving ladies at stitches who get together once a month right near my house. I might have to check it out.


February 21, 2007

baby blanket finished



Seed Stitch & Squares baby blanket Yarn: Bernat Denim Style
Color: Weathered Rose
Pattern: I made it up
Needles: Addi Turbo #10
Yarn Quantity: 2.25 balls (about 450 yards)

cool site for stitch patterns


February 19, 2007


So my mom didn't get the memo... ponchos are so over :) Actually I think people should wear whatever they want and she wants a poncho. This actually pleases me as ponchos are fun to make... I just don't want to wear one. She requested a warm rich brown one. And since I am the yarn hoarder that I am I have two appropriate yarns in my stash already. Some tweedy brown Beaverslide fisherman weight wool and some chocolate brown cascade eco wool. Thought I'd use the Yarn Harlot's pattern as a base. But perhaps add a cable down the middle and no trim. And I now have an excuse to start a new project (soon... I have a couple gifts to finish up first).

February 16, 2007

Felted star purse




It's got stars on both sides. This isn't quite done as I need to line it and add a zipper. I may re-wet it and try to shape it a bit more. The solid areas didn't felt in width wise quite as much as the stranded part.... it flares abit at the top. Next time I'll do some decreases.

Yarn: Handpaintedyarns.com Bulky Handspun
Color: dark olive and dry blue
Pattern: I made it up (got the star motif from Knitting on the Edge)
Needles: Addi Turbo #11
Yarn Quantity: half a ball of each balls (about 150 yards total)

February 14, 2007

February 13, 2007

weekend in tahoe

We stayed in Truckee right near Donner Lake. Here is a photo from Sunday morning.... since I haevn't taken any knitting photos this will have to do for now :)


oh yeah and some noro silk garden that I bought (on sale at littleknits.com) I've always wanted to make a sweater with this yarn but it's expensive... woo hoo super sale!

February 08, 2007

how awesome is this bag?

Being a big fan of both tatoos (I have 2 and am planning the 3rd right now) and knitting (I'm an addict)....

this tote is awesome and I now have one :)


February 07, 2007

teddy bear


I'm knitting that little bear with the H on his chest... sans the H for a work friends baby shower on Friday. Hope to finish in time. White fur, pink shirt, blue pants. The yarn I'm using is Gjestal Naturgarn from Elann (a long time ago). Size 9 needles to get a tight fabric. I've made 2 squareys in the same yarn from this book... see them here

baby silk from Elann


This is a scarf I'm making as a thank you gift for a friend of mine. Using Elann's Baby Silk in Aubergine on size 5 needles. It really is nice yarn to work with and the color is awesome (sorry the photo isn't great... I used the flash in leu of real light). The pattern is from Ann Budds Handy Book of Patterns. I've used tis pattern a few other times. It works great with all weights of yarn. I made one using size 11 needles and 3 strands of yarn that turned out great a year or two back.

February 05, 2007

Finished my 3rd pair of flip top mittens


Yarn: Goddess Yarns Emanuella
Color: cabernet & aubergine
Pattern: Handknit Holiday Flip-top Mittens
Needles: Knitpicks Options #7
Yarn Quantity: 1.5 balls of cabernet and .25 of aubergine

Finally got them washed this weekend. They are a very late Christmas gift for a friend. I'll be seeing her tonight. She's one of those friends who always appreciates the knitted gifts and actually wears them too. So she's gotten a pile of knit stuff from me :)

Also knit up a small purse that still needs to be felted:

Ether tonight or tomorrow I'll give it a spin through the washer. It's been awhile since I've done any felting. But a couple years back I was in the throws of a serious felting addiction :) made so many bags and whatnot. It's fun :) The items knit up so quickly on the larger needles and I especially love how hand painted yarns look felted. The above was knitt from handpaintedyarn.com handspun bulky wool. So the bag cost about $6.50 to knit. Can't beat that.