March 29, 2007

So I've knitted a few hats

Using handpainted handspun bulky and colinette one-zero. I just used the hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Super easy knit... I wanted to use up some of my beautiful yarn. And I've had knitting ADD lately so these were perfect little projects.

sorry the color is kinda crappy... haven't been home in the day light is quite awhile :(





March 27, 2007

Farrow Rib Scarf

I needed a nice easy quick project. So I started a farrow rib (k2, p1 over a multiple of 3 stitches) scarf in bulky merino on size 11 needles. It's moving along at a quite satisfying rate:

endpaper mits (one almost done)


need to re-do the ribbing at the fingers with a smaller needle... it flairs now. oops.

March 16, 2007

fitted knits

so I had a gift certificate to spend at amazon. I was trying to decide between Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel or Lace Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd. Other than a few photos online I hadn't gotten a great look at the projects in either. But a few months ago I picked up Victorian Lace Today so I figured another lace book might be a little overkill. Fitted Knits on the other hand was very appealing as I love stephanie's designs. Well this book is a huge WINNER. There are several sweaters that I am having a really hard time not starting.

But I'm trying to clear out some WIPS.... not something I'm good at... you know completing projects once the honeymoon is over. But I figure I should either finish these long abandoned projects or rip them out. There are a few that will just be ripped out.

Back to the new book. It's great! Nice unique items. Not all are to my taste, but many are. And they just look very wearable and fashionable. Wish I had more time to knit so I could make them all right now :)


March 14, 2007


While visiting family in Placerville, Ca over the weekend... we stumbled upon an alpaca farm. We were driving by and I shrieked with joy and my husband pulled over so we could pet them :) The farm also has a gift shop... so I bought some hand spun alpaca too (still need photos of that).




March 13, 2007

fab list

I need to put something like this together. I have so many wips... might help me to track them better. perhaps I'd finish them :)

In fact over the next couple night's I'm going to try and photo all my wips and figure out what's happeing with them. Need to be knitted, finished, frogged... some really just need to be frogged. after 2 years on needles with no knitting. this will be interesting.

various felted bags - after felting

here they were before I actually washed them. And here's after:



needs bamboo handles sewn in:

currently knitting

I started My So Called Scarf in merino from 100% wool over a year ago. The yarn is identical to Malabrigo... just cheaper and in different colors. Figured it was time to get this one finished up. Not done yet but making good progress:


And still ticking away at my endpaper mits:

March 10, 2007

Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair

For Sale Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair


colors from top to bottom and left to right:
1 - Velvet 603 (mid purple), 2 - Romany 602 (chocolate with a touch of purple in the light)
1 - Cello 605 (pale green), 1 - Wisteria 607 (icy purple)
1 - Swamp 606 (army green)

all sold except colors in orange above

from a smoke free home with cats (but the cats aren't allowed to snuggle with the yarn or anything)

Rare Comfort Kid Mohair is a unique blend of kid mohair and wool. It is an especially fine, soft yarn, which is a delight to wear and a joy to knit with

content: 80% Kid Mohair, 5% Wool, 15% Polyamide
yardage: 95 yds
weight: Aran
gauge: 4 sts/1in
needle: US 8

original price: $7.50 each
my price: $5.50 each or all six for $30 + actual price of shipping
terms: PayPal, check, accepted
Posted by: amber
If you're interested, email me at

Classic Elite La Gran Mohair - SOLD

For Sale Classic Elite La Gran Mohair


from a somke free home with cats (but the cats aren't allowed to snuggle with the yarn or anything)

La Gran is a classic brushed mohair. Perfect for cozy mohair sweaters, or add a strand in with your felting project.



Content: 76% mohair 18% wool 6% nylon
Yardage: 90
from left - 6552 eggplant - 6539 eucalyptus green - 6562 blue spruce
Category: Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn

Price: $5.00 each or all 3 for $12.00 (retail $7.50 each) + shipping (I'll only charge actual cost of shipping)
Terms: PayPal, check or check please
Posted by: amber
If you're interested, email me at

March 07, 2007

endpaper mittens

I'm using some baby cashmere from elann (the lighter blue) and some hand dyed Superfine Superwash Sport Merino from Lisa Souza (stitches purchase) for the main color (denim). Really enjoying making these. I knda love knitting with little needles. The final knit is so delicate :) I started this mitten in two colors of lisa souza sport merino... but the colors were just too similar in value. The pattern got lost. I I ripped it out and subbed in the elan yarn. Looking much better!


various felted bags

Knit these up in the last couple weeks. And they are now felted and drying. I'll get some photos once they dry.

been a busy little knitter

I knit a scarf in this pattern with this yarn....


and then forgot to take a photo of it before gifting it to my Aunt over the weekend. Oops.

Yarn: Berroco Pleasure
Color: deep red
Pattern: cable and lace pattern from Vogue Knitting Stictionary #2
Needles: Lantern Moon wooden straights #10
Yarn Quantity: 3 balls (350ish yards)

new knitty

and for my future projects:

bmp - space invaders socks 9 st inch
ribena - short sleeve fitted pullover 5.5 st inch
torque - assymetrical cable pannel pullover 5 st inch
palette - lacy scarf made from homespun yarn
dashing - fingerless mittens with cable wrist shaping - 4.5 st inch