December 24, 2007

christmas knitting

So here are some of the finished items (see my project page for all the yummy details):

marsan_hs_done marsan_hs_done_side marsan_tess_done marsan_tess_done_top marsan_merino_done marsan_merino_top_done knucks_done meandering_stripes_done eco_harlot_poncho_done fetching_all_done

and then I'll have a few more things to knit but not for people I'll see tomorrow :)

Happy Holidays!

December 16, 2007

navajo plying

I wanted to try novajo plying with my yarn rather than the traditional plying... so here is my first try:
it's romney wool and is very over twisted and feels like rope...

second try:
wool blend and much better, but a very chunky yarn.

and the third time is apparently the charm:
merino fiber from The single is much finer and I made sure not to overspin the single, then worked really slowly while plying. This one I love. The color stays together very nicely. I can see using navajo plying quite a bit.