May 29, 2007

well I took photos

just didn't get them uploaded before I went to work today :)

So in exciting news for me... my spinning wheel finally came (I knew it was back ordered). It took some practice and frustration but I'm making yarn. It's quite different then spinning on a drop spindle. You really have to get the different tension knobs set right. But I really like it! I spent quite a bit of time playing with it over the long weekend. Hopefully I'll get my photos uploaded tonight. My yarn is a bit more lumpy then the stuff I spun on the drop spindle.

I also finished up one jaywalker sock. It's so comfy. I think I'm going to like wearing handmade socks. I'm just a little concerned that I won't have enough yarn to finish the second sock (I have big feet and the remaining yarn ball doesn't look that big).... we'll see I suppose. I can always order some more... the toe may have to be a different dye lot.

I also picked up my swallowtail shawl and got a few rows done. Those purl 5 togethers are really a pain. This project has languished... but I do plan to finish it.

really really will have photos soon :)

May 24, 2007

joined the sock knitting club

I love socks. I've always loved buying fun socks. But I've been knitting for almost 5 years and have never knit socks. I've even bought sock yarns.... just didn't get around to knitting them. But after knitting 2 pairs of endpaper mits (I'll get photos posted this weekend) I discovered that I love knitting small projects on tiny needles. So I cast on for Grumperina's Jaywalker socks a couple days ago. I'm to the heel flap on the first sock. LOVING it! This is a pretty easy pattern so far. 2 row repeat that goes pretty quickly. We'll see how I do with turning the heel and doing the instep stuff. But I think if I just follow the directions I should be ok. But I do see how the sock knitting could be addictive.... if I didn't have yarn for so many other projects I might have been in trouble :) And I'm using some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn I bought about 3 years ago for this pair. I don't have the yarn label in front of me but the color is like a tropical oil puddle. Charcoal, dark brown, bright blue, teal, and mossy green.

May 17, 2007

oops bought some yarn

but it's not just any old yarn. It's Sundara Yarn. I resisted the Little Knits Noro sale (it was close... I filled a shopping cart and then closed the window).

I bought 1 ball of :

curryoverbreezesport Curry over Breeze sport merino
sweetbrierrosesport_3Sweet Brier Rose sock
sangriaovergarnetsportSangria over Garnet sock

But other than those 3 balls of yarn I've been really good since stitches in February. I've even been diving deep into the stash for projects. Yarn that I bought quite awhile ago is finally getting used. It feels good to finally get to some of the older yarn in my stash. I have a bunch of great yarns... just wish there were more time for knitting.

May 10, 2007

Interweave Summer 07

to make in the future:

May 09, 2007

boatneck bluebell - fitted knits


I'm trying so hard to not abandon another mostly finished sweater :) Just need to finish off the sleeves. Knitting from the top down is awesome. I tried on the sweater and it fits so well! My problem is that it got so hot here in the last week that I just can't knit this sweater (big pile of wool in my lap). Hopefully it'll cool off for a week or so... then I can finish the sleeves.

I'm using Elann Uros Aran (wool/llama blend).
color : palm for most and peridot for some detail at the horizontal rib.

here are the more accurate color swatches from elann:
palm palm peridot peridot

and a detail shot:

I'm going to knit so many patterns from Fitted Knits. So well written and flattering :)

May 08, 2007

scarves in progress

not quite straight scarf
I'm using Elsebeth lavold Angora (soft blue on the ends and creamy beige in the middle) I love this yarn:

Also working on the Simple Cabled Scarf from Cables Untangled. I'm using Elann 100% alpaca. It's working out really nice.

endpaper revisited


I finished the first mitt and am further along on the second one than the photo reflects. I really have loved this pattern. The size 1 needles are really nice to work with. I've yet to knit socks... perhaps I'll have to try some.

May 01, 2007

finished a couple scarves

farrow rib scarf in bulky merino (LOVE this yarn):

and a "my so called scarf" in worsted merino from these guys:

The first scarf I knit up in a couple weeks between working on other projects. The second one has been on the needles for I think about 2 years... not sure why exactly.

more hats!

handpainted handspun bulky and colinette one-zero. It's the hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts just like the post a couple down :)