December 17, 2004

Almost Christmas

Wow I've been knitting A LOT lately (yes! even more than normal). So far I have 7 sophie purses, 4 basic cable hats, 2 felted backpacks, 1.8 ponchos, a felted tote, and 2.5 scarves for christmas gifts. Not too shabby considering I started in October :-)

Well it's getting down to the wire now... some people may be getting half finished projects for christmas this year. I'm knitting mostly for family... I think they'll be ok with the projects being done in January

And here is yet another project I want to make after the holidays Wavy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have gotten a lot of projects done! I'm such a procrastinator I start projects then after a while start more projects to procrastinate on the first ones. Xp

Also, thanks for visiting my knitting-LJ.