December 29, 2004


While we were in San Francisco the other day my boyfriend and I went to Artfibers. This is one of the coolest yarn shops I've ever been to. So I of course bought yarn for a couple scarves even though I could knit for a couple years withough using all the yarn I already have.

I got some Kyoto and Golden Chai.

The Kyoto is Superkid Mohair/ Spun Silk/ Extrafine Wool and is so soft I just can't wait to start someting with it. Here is a review of the yarn from knitters review.

And this is the color I got:

Golden Chai is 100% wild tussah silk and has a really nice shean to it. They don't have a photo of the color I got in Golden Chai. But it's a verigated dark pink, purple, and red. I started on the Wavy scarf from Knitty using this yarn. It's coming out really well... which is good because I started and ripped the scarf about 10 times trying to decide on a stitch pattern :-)

Now I'm going to watch a movie and work on my wavy scarf (It's for me!!!!)

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