December 14, 2006

Victorian Lace Today

My copy showed up yesterday. This is a lovely book with some really nice lace patterns. There is even a knitalong for the book that I plan to keep tabs on. I'm trying to learn to be patient enough to knit lace. I'm used to knitting while I watch movies and lace just takes more concentrating than that for me. So now I work on things like the cardi pictured below while I watch movies and the lace while my husband is using the TV for video games. Works out much better because I'm not interested in his game :)

Even though I am learning to enjoy knitting on size 3 needles there is just something about working on a chunky cardigan (like the one I started in Rowan Plaid). It's the "give the people what they want" cardi from Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. It just goes so fast. It's cold enough that I can wear this as a jacket here in Northern California.


I worked the fronts and back all in one piece. Just need to knit arms, button band, and collar and it's done. Now for the real question... can I get it done while trying to do up a few christmas presents? The plaid yarn is awesome. I'm sad they have discontinued it.

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Dani said...

Hi Amber -

I just got this book too. It's so beautiful.

I came across your blog on a search for Malabrigo Merino Lace. I had been trying to decide for weeks what I was going to order and came back and the merino lace had vanished!! The yarn you got is beautiful.

I made a triangle shawl from the wool lace which is also very nice. Just less than one skein.

You were asking about pointier needles. I ordered some of the Knitpicks options needles and they are quite pointy. I think I used a 4mm/6 needle with the malabrigo and could have gone up a size or two. The yarn blooms quite a bit.

I'm going to make the Forest Canopy Shawl next and add a few repeats. I'll probably use a 4.5mm needle.