December 18, 2006

stash for cash

Marin Fiber Arts is doing a great "stash for Cash" thing and I brought in some (15 lbs) of yarn to donate. I had no idea that I had so much yarn that I really didn't want. There was a ton of Lion Brand Homespun that I bought when I first started knitting... that I really didn't want anymore. Some random online buys for wool that ended up being colors I didn't like, leftovers from larger projects, acrylic from my grandma, novelty yarn, etc. So it ended up being 15 pounds of yarn. Which equaled $75 in store credit which was awesome.

the donations:
sfc_all sfc_all2 sfc_acrylic
(yeah that is fun fur you see in there... it was a gift. I have never actually bought fun fur.)

And they have a bunch of Blue Sky yarn on clearance 40% off and Goddess Yarns at 50% off. Also got some Cascade Indulgence at 50% off. Blue Sky Worsted, Alpaca Silk, & Bulky. Goddess Yarns Emmanuella and Ellen. I plan to make flip top mittens from "Handknit Holidays" with the Goddess stuff. But of course the needles I want are committed to other projects... so I guess I'll have to finish those :)
Here's what I got:
goddess_sfc bluesky_sfc2 bluesky_sfc

So my stash didn't really get any smaller (well a little smaller perhaps) but the stuff in it is much nicer. I can't wait to try the Blue Sky Worsted. Their knit samples were great.

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