December 13, 2006

trying my hand at lace


I've never knit anything on size 3 needles... but I do own them. So I started a leaf patterened lace from the Encyclopedia of Knitting. I wouldn't actually call it an encyclopedia but it is one of the fist knitting books I bought and it has some good stitch patterns. It's pretty easy to keep track of so far... not too complicated. But I do understand the importance of pointy needles for lace knitting. My addi turbos are really not very pointy. Any good lace needle suggestions?

The yarn is merino lace that I ordered from a few weeks back (and they appear to not be selling it anymore... which means we sould all see malabrigo lace merino on sale in stores for much more than the $7.90 that I spent on it). They have wool lace but not the merino. Well at least I ordered some before it disappeared. Here are the colors I ordered (before my yarn diet began):

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