September 19, 2004

Scarves and cables

Well I started a Besotted Scarf on Friday. The yarn is Artful Yarns Jazz in a color called Ella. It is so yummy to knit with. This ball of yarn has been started into a scarf not less than 10 times. First I tried seed stitch and that didn't really suite it then I tried ribs then a broken rib pattern... none looked right with this yarn. But as it turns out... this yarn needed cables (which show up much better in life than in this photo... the flash flattens out the cables). The cable pattern is actually really easy.

Who knew that cables were this fun and easy? I now have like 4 cable projects lined up in my head. A sweater from the Fall IK and one from the Fall VK as well. Not to mention a few cable patterns I want to stick on a normal st. stitch sweater. Suppose I should finish a few projects before diving into another new one. I've made some good progress on a chunky tweedy cardi. The body is about 15 inches long, so pretty soon I'll need to split it for the reglan shaping on the 2 fronts and the back. And tomorrow I have to go back to work after having a week off. I was making such good progress on so many projects... but alas I have to work so I can aford more yarn ;-)

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mayflwr said...

I've made this scarf too (oh's still on the needles along with 5 other WIPS..hehe)