September 24, 2004


I got my elann order yesterday... I just couldn't resist the angora they had for 40% off. I already had enough for a scarf in green that I paid full price for and it is sooooooooo great to pet. There is a photo of that scarf a few days ago. So now I have some in black and some in a dark (but not navy) blue.

But I have promised myself that I will start no new projects until I finish at least two that are already on needles. I think the Irish Hiking scarf and my hoodie will be the next ones finished. Then I need to go back to the cable poncho I am working on for my cousin. Then the bulky cardigan... maybe this weekend I will frog the body... that leaves me with one arm that is done. And I thought I was so close to done.

Perhaps 8 wips is just too many for me... I think 4 is better. I feel kind of overwhelmed by 8.

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