September 13, 2004

Beaverslide Wool Cable Poncho

Originally uploaded by virtual_amber.
I love love love this yarn! This is going to be a poncho for my Aunt for Christmas.
You might notice a blue bar across the top of the image. That is the picked up and knitted add on I did once I realized that 18 inches in stockinette stitch (54 stitches cast on) is 14 inches with ribs and cables.... oops. So I added 4 inches after the fact. I think it'll work out. The second side is about a third of the way done and I'm making it with the same blue bar. So now there will be a blue stripe at the top around the neck.

I think this will be the next project that I actully complete. The cable pattern is easy to remember so I don't need to keep track on a chart like I do on the other poncho I'm making.

Ok off to bed with me. My boyfriend went to sleep over an hour ago (he has to be up at 6am... yuck)

Good night

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