September 15, 2004

Future Projects

I just set up a list of future projects on my sidebar... mostly so I don't forget what I want to make. Thanks to Kim for giving me a link to the morning surf scarf. That pattern looks like it'll translate well into a stole for my mom for christmas. I have some baby camel yarn that should work well for this.

Oh and last night I finished one of my poncho's (the beaverslide wool one). It's in the washing macine soaking as I type.

I'm really enjoying my time away from work. This week I decided to take a vacation from working and I'm amazed at how much knitting I've gotten done already. The real purpose of taking this week off is to scan, retouch, and color balance about 90 old family photos. I'm working through them but it's going slow. And I have to admit... as much as I love all of the old photos... knitting is much more fun than Photoshop work. Especially since that is about what I do for a living. But I offered... I just didn't want my mom to drop all the photos off as some photo lab and have them get damaged or lost. So I'll work through them with MANY knitting breaks.

Ok off to block my poncho.

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