November 27, 2004

photos finally

So here are photos of everything I've been making.

This is the frogged and re-knit (in progress) cable poncho:

Here is my 3rd irish hiking scarf. It's for my brother for christmas and is being knit from 100% merino from handpainted It's really soft and cozy.

Here are a couple finished sophie bags. I think I have 5 more to knit but luckily they go quickly:

And here are the 2 backpacks I've been working on for my cousin's kids. They are felting in the washer right now:

And last but not least here is my completed ruffle scarf:

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Hi Amber,
I linked to your blog from KR....boy have you been busy kniting. Great job on all those projects. look forward to seeing the back packs felted. Those are something I wanted to make for my nieces. Love the scarves too!