November 22, 2004

Knitting like an insane person

I knit at every available moment these days. It's the only way I'll ever finish all this stuff by Dec 25th.

Tonight I'm going to start the second of 2 felted back packs I'm making for my cousin's kids. Last year I made each of them a scarf and they were both really into the fact that I had made them... so this year they get a more complicated project. I'm a sucker for people that appreciate my work. The kids are 8 and 11 and lots of fun.

I'm also going to start an Irish Hiking scarf for my brother this evening. My dad is the only real issue. I have no idea what to make for him. I may just make him a scarf and hope he wears it a couple times a year. He appreciates the work... just isn't much of a scarf or hat wearing kind of guy. He's also too warm for a nice hand knit sweater... not a sweater guy.

The poncho pictured below is no longer with us. It's now about 5 inches of a circular poncho with a cable running up the front and back. It's turning out much better (well, better meaning more appropriate for my cousin). I think she'll really like it.

Ok back to the needles!

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