June 26, 2007

Monkey Saga

So I really like the monkey sock... I've started it 4 times in different yarns now.

First time:
monarch sock yarn in Nasturtium. Love the yarn, love the colors... but it's a thicker sock yarn so the sock was too big.

Second time:
some green hand dyed yarn that was too fine and therefore too small.

Third time:
I should have stopped here (the cuff was pretty tight getting the sock over my heel. But I kept going thinking "no it's fine.. I can get it over my heel if I work at it".
I actually got the heel flap all done before I ripped it out.
Claudia's fingering weight in chocolate cherries (love the yarn and color).

Ok Fourth time seems to be the charm:
Sundara sock yarn in sweet brier rose. I cast on more loosely and changed the rib to 2x2 rather than single and twisted (got the idea from Mrs. Octopus Knits). It seems to be ok... we'll see if this is it. Luckily the pattern seems to knit up pretty fast. Going quicker than my jaywalkers (although both are awesome patterns)

whew... with all this monkey knitting I should already have a finished pair... sheesh :)


Adrienne said...

You do like it!! THey all look great!

Octopus Knits said...

Glad I could be of help. Ooo! They're all so pretty! I'm hoping that your latest incarnation fits as desired -- that Sundara yarn is gorgeous.