January 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to me... I just got yarn in the mail

I'm going to preface by saying that I have been very good... I've gone months without buying yarn. But I got some birthday money and elann had a couple yarns that I really wanted... and I was so close to my $50 credit with them. So.....
I got some Peruvian Collection Uros Aran in palm (on left) for a sweater and a ball of peridot (on right) to put a stripe or edging on the sweater.

I also got some Peruvian Collection Highland Silk in Oxblood to make another sweater.

Not that I will be starting any new projects for a bit... 18 projects on needles is plenty. But I've got clapotis over half done... so hopefully I'll be down to 17 projects very soon :) Before I actually counted all my WIPS I would have guessed that I had about 8 projects going. So I was a bit surprised by my final count.

Anyhow just wanted to share my yarn :)


Kat said...

18 WIPs?! Wow, I thought I was bad.

Happy belated birthday!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous yarn! Wow, you've gone months without a purchase? If only I could be that strong.

yarn_nut said...

The yarn is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished product. Do you have a pattern in mind?

amber said...

I'm not quite sure which patterns I'll use with this yarn but I'm thinking the Uros would be nice for Birstow from knitty:


And the highland silk/wool would be great for a shawl collared sweater that was in vogue knitting a few issues ago. But that might all change by the time I get to it :)