September 13, 2005


I want to adopt this puppy!!! But working 50 hours a week plus a commute plus already having 3 cats means that I can't (even though they say he loves cats). Will someone please tke this cutie home?!?!?!?

I so want a dog :(


Jennifer said...

There are so many puppies and kittens that need good homes. I can't even go look when I see a pet adoption van. I'm weak.

Karin said...

That pic is adorable. I have two cats at home and constantly debate if we have enough room for a third. I don't think I could have a dog though, our place is too small and I'm not home enough. Plus I like that cats require less attention :).

Diana said...

The dog is adorable. We have a pit bull mix and just love him. He is the sweetest dog! My heart goes out to all the dogs that need homes. Our dog was a rescue, and I'll never buy a dog again. Everyone should just adopt!