September 25, 2005

20 days!

I've gone 20 days without one single slip. (not even one ball of yarn bought)

Of course I still need to knit up my stash... but I'm working on it. I think I just finally got to the point where I really can't justify any more yarn... I really have a lot of beautiful yarn to get to :)

Have a great week


Jennifer said...

I so need to do this too!

marirob said...

Good job! I'm so impressed! I was doing well too until sweetgeorgia put some of her own yarn up for sale. Keep it up! (and the baby sweater is so cute!)

Karin said...

Good for you! I'm actually buying more yarn today for the Fairly Easy fair Isle in SNBN, but I don't even have 1 full Rubbermaid container of yarn so it's OK!