August 07, 2005

More Knitting

Here's the progress on my Knockaround sweater from Weekend Knitting:
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The construction is a bit odd (it is a Teva design afterall) The lower part was knit in a strip and the top part was picked up and knit... adding more stitches along the way to create the sleeves. So the sleeves are knit at the same time.
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The knitting is a bit slow going because each row is so long... but I'm to the point where I need to knit the collar... So about half way there. The 6 ply merino I'm using is awesome. Love the color variation and the softness of the yarn. If I weren't doing so well with my yarn diet I'd be buying more of it right now :)

And here's my first modified Cigar glove. I decided to just go fingerless rather than knit the last two full fingers. That way these will make great photography gloves. I can do everything (load film, focus, grip the camera) without having to take my gloves off.
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That should come in handy next month when we go to Yosemite (for our 10 year anniversary!!). I'm looking forward to the trip. Haven't been out there in years.

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marirob said...

Your sweater looks like it's coming along wonderfully! I felt like once I got past the collar the sweater just flew along. The color looks very nice too!