August 17, 2005


So the yellow/glodish "sunset" colored sweater I posted photos of a few posts back.... ummmm yeah I didn't buy enough yarn. Which is funny as I have a tendency to buy way too much yarn normaly. So I have the top portion of the sweater (arms, and chest cover) knit, but now I have to pick up around the bottom edge and turn this sweater belly top into a "normal" length sweater. And I have about 50 yards of yarn to knit 6 inches on front and back. This isn't going to work. So I went to to see if they perhaps had just one more ball so I could cover my tummy... no. Hmmm I could knit the bottom in another color and add a stripe to the wrist so it doesn't look so dumb. But this didn't sound like such a great plan.

So I figured what the hell... I'll email them and ask if they have a ball hidden somewhere just waiting for me. Mariana replied that she would check with the dyers and see if they had some. Very quickly she got back to me that they have 3 hanks and how many would I like? This makes me very happy... I wasn't in the mood to tear apart a nearly complete sweater and start something else :) So if you've been on the fence about ordering yarn from them.... go for it :)


Jennifer said...

I've never heard of that site! I'll have to check it out.

marirob said...

Phew! I'm glad you were able to get some more yarn. I think now that the buying frenzy at their website has abated, they have more time to respond to emails. I love them! Once, Marcos gave me 4 skeins free! Isn't that nice? (I think it was because I have spent so much money on their yarn!)