August 28, 2005

Getting There

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Has been wound back into balls and the new baby pullover is this:

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Although I've actually got one sleeve, the body and the cuff of the second sleeve done. Luckily the baby shower isn't for a couple weeks still. Of course I have another pregnant friend (found out on Friday) so I think I'll knit them one of the stuffed animals from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. They are so cute (there is a bunny, a bear, and an elephant).

And in the saga of the engagement ring.... I am finally done. Here is the current and final ring:
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It doesn't stick up as far as the first one and I'm quite happy with it!


Jennifer said...

The ring is gorgeous!

LisaB said...

That is a very pretty ring! Glad you are happy with it - that is what is most important!

Karin said...

I really like your ring! I think when I get engaged someday I might go with a non-diamond ring too.