August 07, 2005

Engagement Ring Saga

Deciding on a husband wasn't that hard... My guy is awesome. The ring on the other hand has been ridiculous.

1. He proposes and gives me a green sapphire (what I wanted) on a plain white gold band so I can pick the final setting.

2. I pick a setting and get the stone put in:
Image hosted by
but it sticks up too high and gets caught on my clothes, in my hair, etc... So I find another setting and leave the stone.

3. I get a call from the jeweler. They chipped the sapphire.

4. We go back in today and pick a new stone (smaller this time since I thought the first one was a bit big... but kept it because he picked it out) and yet another setting.

5. Next weekend I should be able to pick up the final ring.



Jennifer said...

That setting is gorgeous! I can't believe they chipped the sapphire! BTW, your modified cigar gloves are awesome.

LisaB said...

That ring is gorgeous! I hope they are doing something for you because they chipped the sapphire.