October 04, 2004

Photos... new yarn and Irish Hiking scarf

My Irish Hiking Scarf in manos:

Here's the Elsebeth Lavold Angora:

And here is the inspirations yarn:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hiking scarf with the different middle cable color!!! Would you mind sharing how you achieve that? :)


amber said...

Hope you come back for the answer :-) I knit across with green and then start the blue yarn and make sure the strand of blue crosses over (not under) the green yarn. Knit the second section in blue then switch to another ball of the green. Then start knitting with green but make sure to cross the green yarn over the blue strand. Then on the other side I do the same. It's really easy... maybe I'll take a photo to show what I mean :-)


Anonymous said...


I came back! ;) Just goes to show how much I wanted to learn about the colored cable, I think it is such a great idea. Makes for a beautiful scarf! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, I wouldn't mind the pic as it might help others too.


BeccaU said...

I saw your Irish Hiking Scarf on the knit-along blog and wanted to drop a comment for you - it looks fabulous with that middle color!! Wow!!