October 04, 2004

new yarn!

4 skiens of Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice Angora - 2 in a dark purple/plum and 2 in a burnt orange. This will be a scarf for me ;-) The yarn feels awesome. I just couldn't resist picking some up from a yarn shop in Capitola this weekend. My boyfriend and I had our 9 year anniversary so we were driving down to Carmel for the weekend and made a pit stop in Capitola to avoid some traffic... and there it was... a yarn shop. We did make it to Carmel and had a great weekend.

Then in the mail today (at work) I got my inspirations yarn in casual friday. I got the decaf (superwash wool) and it looks great. Not quite sure what it's going to be... probably a scarf or maybe gloves.

Oh yeah... my Irish Hiking scarf is started. Obviously I didn't get much worked on this weekend but I did some knitting in the car on the way down (traffic just isn't that interesting to watch). I'll post a photo of my scarf and new yarn as soon as I sort out my photobucket woes. Either they will restore my photo albums or I will re-upload. Not sure which yet.

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