October 08, 2004


I think I need a chaperon for yarn store visits....

Just got back from Creative Hands (San Carlos Ca.) They are close to where I work. So I needed to exchange some Addi Turbos that have a kink in the connecting wire. After several attempts to straighten it out using hot water I gave up. Creative Hands has a really good sale area which always gets me. Picked up a couple skeins of Lorna's laces Dove at a nice discount as well as a ball of cascade 220 tweed in gray (for a sophie purse) and some other various novelty type yarns that I'll use for christmas presents. Oh yeah I also swapped my needles for ones without a kink.

Hoodie progress... The pocket is attached and I'm about 3 inches up from there. This weekend I'm going to take some more photos and also a photo of my hiking scarf to illustrate the two color technique.

Back to work now :-)


cheryl said...

how do you like the turbos? are they worth it?

still trying to figure out what to do with my yarnforward gift certificate,


p.s. you're in berkeley -- you should come to our tuesday night knitting circle at the mel-o-dee bar in el cerrito. it's much, much fun!

amber said...
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amber said...

What time do you guys get together on Tuesdays? I work kinda late but would like to check it out some time :-)

And YES the Addi's are worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. Love them for most yarn... just not for slippery yarn.


cheryl said...

sorry i didn't get back to you earlier -- we've been having some computer issues... :-)

people usually start showing up at the mel-o-dee around 8:00, but some folks come much later. there's usually someone just arriving when i leave (around 10:00...)

you should come -- it's a lot of fun!