October 11, 2004

Dreamweaver Class

Last weekend I spent both days from 10am to 6pm in a class on how to use dreamweaver. It's Web page layout software. Since I own the software I figured I should learn to use it and FINALLY update my photography web site. Here is what I mocked up yesterday in class. I now need fix my old site that hasn't been touched in a couple years. So now I get to re-scan all of the images I want to put on the web and re-design the site... yikes. The class was through bavc and I really enjoyed it. I also took one on Photoshop that was great.

So my knitting has been neglected. I have yet another class this coming weekend... Shake. Which is compositing software. Thank god work is paying for all this.... But damn I need a day off.

Ok I'm going to have some dinner and knit this evening :-)

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