January 31, 2008


so I've been mostly playing with my loom lately. Once you get the thing warped the weaving part goes really fast. And I'm getting better at the warping... not great but better :)

I finished up a scarf in beaverslide wool:
unlike with knitting you can't see the whole project while makin git. The scarf rolls up onto the beam and you see it all when you are done. SO at about the half way point I changed my stripe size... by accident. It started as 4 rows dark red 8 rows dusty red. That turned into 4 rows dark red and 6 rows dusty red. Oops. I'm a new enough weaver that I will just chock that one up to practice and not worry about it.

And another scarf (less mistakes) using a natural alpaca for the warp and some handspun navajo plied yarn for the weaving part:
This one I am happy with :)

and I've started a new one:
using knitpicks gloss for the warp and knitpicks decadence (alpaca) for the weft. So far so good. I like the subtle brown on brown part. Makes me want to make another one in all brown.

also been plodding along on candy stripes form the IK holiday issue:

and a hat for my husband:
using Filatura Di Crosa Zara. Should be nice to wear if I ever finish it :)

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Monika said...

How fast you got the weaving thingy down. I LOVE your orange scarf, with your handspun!!! All projects are beautiful though. The hat for your husband looks interesting. Hope you'll let us know where you got the pattern from. :o)