February 01, 2008

what pattern did I use for that hat from the last post?

It's the Marsan Watchcap and I LOVE the pattern. This is my 5th one. It's a twisted rib stitch so it gets a ton of texture and is very stretchy:)

I've used handspun, superwash worsted wool, wool/cotton... it all seems to work well :)

marsan_dan_ip marsan_olive_done marsan_olive_top_done marsan_merino_done marsan_merino_top_done marsan_tess_done marsan_tess_done_top marsan_hs_done marsan_hs_done_cu


Monika said...

Thanks for the link! :o)

Say said...

Those hats are great! I think they've just become my next project.

Octopus Knits said...

I will have to check out that pattern -- I especially love it with the somewhat variegated yarns. Your weaving and knitting projects all look lovely!

Gexton said...

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