May 29, 2007

well I took photos

just didn't get them uploaded before I went to work today :)

So in exciting news for me... my spinning wheel finally came (I knew it was back ordered). It took some practice and frustration but I'm making yarn. It's quite different then spinning on a drop spindle. You really have to get the different tension knobs set right. But I really like it! I spent quite a bit of time playing with it over the long weekend. Hopefully I'll get my photos uploaded tonight. My yarn is a bit more lumpy then the stuff I spun on the drop spindle.

I also finished up one jaywalker sock. It's so comfy. I think I'm going to like wearing handmade socks. I'm just a little concerned that I won't have enough yarn to finish the second sock (I have big feet and the remaining yarn ball doesn't look that big).... we'll see I suppose. I can always order some more... the toe may have to be a different dye lot.

I also picked up my swallowtail shawl and got a few rows done. Those purl 5 togethers are really a pain. This project has languished... but I do plan to finish it.

really really will have photos soon :)

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