May 17, 2007

oops bought some yarn

but it's not just any old yarn. It's Sundara Yarn. I resisted the Little Knits Noro sale (it was close... I filled a shopping cart and then closed the window).

I bought 1 ball of :

curryoverbreezesport Curry over Breeze sport merino
sweetbrierrosesport_3Sweet Brier Rose sock
sangriaovergarnetsportSangria over Garnet sock

But other than those 3 balls of yarn I've been really good since stitches in February. I've even been diving deep into the stash for projects. Yarn that I bought quite awhile ago is finally getting used. It feels good to finally get to some of the older yarn in my stash. I have a bunch of great yarns... just wish there were more time for knitting.


Adrienne said...

ohhhhh, nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now this is a very good buy. I bought from her for the first time - it's a really nice yarn. Hmm, I could use a yarn fix come to think of it :) Terry

Diana said...

That's some beautiful yarn!