May 09, 2007

boatneck bluebell - fitted knits


I'm trying so hard to not abandon another mostly finished sweater :) Just need to finish off the sleeves. Knitting from the top down is awesome. I tried on the sweater and it fits so well! My problem is that it got so hot here in the last week that I just can't knit this sweater (big pile of wool in my lap). Hopefully it'll cool off for a week or so... then I can finish the sleeves.

I'm using Elann Uros Aran (wool/llama blend).
color : palm for most and peridot for some detail at the horizontal rib.

here are the more accurate color swatches from elann:
palm palm peridot peridot

and a detail shot:

I'm going to knit so many patterns from Fitted Knits. So well written and flattering :)

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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

How do you like this yarn? I want to knit this for the fall. And I agree, I LOVe this book!