October 23, 2005


We're adopting Shasta!

So excited to get her. We've got to do some work to make our yard pet safe, so she's not coming home with us just yet... but we're shooting for thanksgiving. I haven't had a dog since I was a kid.

Woo Hoo!

And in some knitting news.... I really need to finish some projects. I've been in a starting projects mood rather than a finishing projects mood. But my Sesame sweater is really close to done. I'm using Cascade Eco wool in a cream and mid brown color. This yarn is great to work with. I'll try and get some photos up this week of a couple scarves I've finished recently.

Have agreat week


Kathy said...

Lucky Shasta! Congratulations! Rescue dogs are the best. I have three of them myself. :)

dog-scarf-news said...

Woo hoo~ Excellent choice.
Dogs are the best. Have fun with Shasta! ##LINK##