July 13, 2005


As I plan for my wedding and realize that it's going to cost about a billion dollars to have the wedding I want... I think it's finally time for me to really stop buying so much yarn. I've been clean and sober for about 2 weeks now :) and I'm going to start a no yarn buying diet until one of these things happens:

  • I use up all my yarn
  • my credit card is paid off
  • our wedding is paid off
I will leave myself one loop hole.... if I'm making a sweater/scarf/glove/whatever and run out of yarn to finish the project I will allow myself to buy enough to complete the project. So here is the group I'm joining to keep myself honest:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ok here goes


Jennifer said...

Good luck to you. I've tried and failed so many times.

Tara said...

Welcome! And good luck to you

Keridiana said...

Yea! Wedding's way more important! Excellent pledging. Welcome!

marirob said...

I need to do this too! I'm going to try to do it myself, and then if I can't I'll join the group too. Yarnaholics unite!!!