July 20, 2005

Another kal :)

I joined another knit along... these things just keep popping up for projects I'm interested in making. Cigar from Knitty.com is my most recent join. I've wanted to make a pair of gloves for some time now and I have yarn in my stash that I can use too!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So I'm still going strong on my no yarn buying pledge. 25 days and absolutly no yarn bought... but I have picked up a couple books. I'm ok with that.

And in wedding planning news... we have a location picked out and I'm meeting with a photographer next month that I think will work out well. It's just too busy at work for me to make it into San Francisco after work this month. And she is of course busy on weekends shooting weddings at the moment :) This is her web site

Ok back to work for me now.


marirob said...

Sounds like your wedding planning is going well! Good luck with the photographer. And the no-yarn buying too!

Jennifer said...

Sending you good wedding planning vibes...