May 22, 2005


So yesterday my boyfriend and I took B.A.R.T. into San Francisco to see the "friends and family" premiere of Madagascar that my work put together. And he (somewhat jokingly) says that if I'm good we could go to Artfibers while we're in the city. For those who have not had the chance to go to this awesome yarn store... let me tell you it's great! They have their own yarn label that they sell. The yarn is spun and dyed in Japan and sold in San Francisco. I've been trying to not buy any yarn till I use up some of my massive yarn stash but I just have a real soft spot for Artfibers. They even have a seating area where my boyfriend hung out while I shopped. So I left there about $100 lighter and about 10 balls of yarn heavier.

Apparently I'm not so good at the yarn diet ;)


Anonymous said...

WHAT yarn(s) did you get? I was there recently and got some of the Tsuki (mohair/silk) for a shawl, and some "tastes" of a silk/wool nubby yarn that's I'll have to buy skeins of. Me too, I've got a soft spot for Artfibers too. Terry in SF

katya said...

You got out for only $100? I'm impressed. I only go in there when I know I can spend like a drunken sailor. :)

What'd you get? I'm knitting up my Kyoto yarn, and it's beyond yummy.