May 22, 2005

Artfibers Loot

Rune for a scarf. It's a bulky alpaca/wool blend. Brownish purple and sky blue:
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Kyoto in lavender, silver, and brown:
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The silver and lavender will be used together for a stole or scarf. And the brown is to go with the leftover red kyoto I have... so that'll be a scarf.

Then I got a ball of Hana and Chai (both silk). I have Rowan Kidsilk Haze in green and lilac that I plan on stranding with this silk for 2 different scarves :)
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And I literally have no where to store this yarn... soooooo out of space. So please send me happy yarn diet wishes! ;)


Michelle said...

If I had your yarn and little storage space I'd just carry the yarn around with me everywhere ;)

The colors are to die for! Especially the brown.

Anonymous said...

beautiful yarns! Terry in SF

Jennifer said...

Well that does it. I can officially never go to Artfibers until I win the lottery. Those yarns are gorgeous!

Marisa said...

When we go to visit my sister in law is SF I love to stop by Artfibers.