May 24, 2005

Damn Webs!

So I innocently check my email today and there is a note from webs saying that they have put Berroco Pleasure on closeout for $60 for a bag of 10 balls... and if I spend $60 I get 20% off as well?!?!?!? It was just toooooooo good to pass up... Gah! I made a shawl from this yarn a couple years back... the yarn has held up well and it is soooo soft!

So I bought 12 balls of pleasure in this color:
Image hosted by

I am shameless... I think I could knit for 10 years and not run out of yarn!

Well we're leaving for Maui a week from tomorrow so at least I won't buy yarn while I'm there (for 17 days!) It's a start. I figure that if I can put my yarn binge counter (look to the right in my side bar) to 17 days I'll want to keep going... blowing it at 3 days is no biggie.


katya said...

What, are there no yarn stores im Maui?

amber said...

My weekness is generaly online sale shopping... as I won't have a computer with me I think I'll be safe :)


Chia said...

Why did you post this about Webs? Now I have to buy something!

amber said...

"Why did you post this about Webs? Now I have to buy something!"

Misery loves company :)


dragon knitter said...

you evil, evil woman. i ended up buying a bag of the stuff myself! and i didn't get the 20% :(. that's ok, i intend on using this for me, and i don't knit for myself enough, lol. hope hawaii is going well. ran across your blog on KR