February 19, 2005

Yummy... but oops

I need to stay away from the Knitters Review Forum. They are always talking about awesome yarn and it makes me want some. So here is what I ordered this morning.

The main color is the burgandy with stripes in the other 3 colors:

And for good measure... a scarf for my boyfriend in:

The sweater yarn is their wool and the scarf is the merino. So I cracked after a week of no yarn... resetting my counter now and going to try to be stronger. I think I'm truly a yarn junkie :-)


mayflwr said...

HPY yarn is absolutely FANTABULOUS!! if i weren't a poor college kid I would go crazy buckwild ordering with them! yum!

Anonymous said...

HPY is definitely on my list for a future purchase! I love their colorways!

Also - I wanted to drop you a line letting you know that I *tagged* you with the Knitting Meme that has been going around, see my entry from 2/24/05: