January 08, 2005


For the next few months I won't be posting as often as normal. I'm house sitting for a friend who lives in Palo Alto near my work. So lately I have had a 15 minute commute rather than an hour and 15 minute one. It's been great. So with all this extra time I have been staying at work training myself on the lighting software. So now I am actually at work for close to 13 hours a day and our firewall prevents me from posting on my blog.

But in more interesting knitting news...

I finished my wavy scarf but don't have photos yet. And after ripping out the tweed cable sweater again I decided to start on the hoodie sweater from The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits instead. At 4 st per inch it's coming along nice and quickly. The back and a few inches of the front are done. I've been staying up way too late knitting lately. And today I started the Here and there Cables scarf from Scarf Style. The yarn I'm using is:

it's worsted weight merino from these guys. Actually the sweater I'm working on is also their yarn. But it's the 100% wool rather than merino. Both are lovely.

I'm off to run some errands. Have a great weekend.

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Lori said...

ooh i love that yarn. I didn't know you worked in palo alto. I'm amazed that you commute so far normally. I barely make it to the east bay to visit my parents more than 3 times a month. Still if you take public transport, that's a lot of lovely knitting time!