February 02, 2006

oops I did it agian

Well a box showed up at work for me... it's Mal Abrigo 6ply Merino in velvet grapes to make the Ballet Wrap Cardigan in the current issue of IK. The guage is about right and I've really wanted a nice wrap/tie cardi for awhile now. In fact I might even cast on tonight! Even though I have a ton of projects on the needles.... I'm just crazy like that. ;)

And in other fiber news... I have an intro to spinning (on a hand spindle) class this sunday. It's at a place called Deep Color right around the corner from my house. I walk by there all the time when I take out dog out. So finally I just signed up (a $15 class so it's not going to break the bank). But it occurs to me that I have enough yarn to last me years, so why would I start making yarn?!?!?!? No idea... except it look fun :)

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