November 18, 2005


The yummy merino that I ordered last month finally showed up. Word of advice... never use DHL for shipping. They are really bad. But here is the yarn.
For a sweater:

And several scarves:

I love the colors (even if a few of them don't match the online photos) but the burgundy/orange ones and green/gray ones have been so tangled that winding them into balls has really been painful. Hopefully the blue stuff is not that way as I have 10 of them.

And here's a great knitted toy booklet that I picked up:

And lastly... a cabled scarf that I made up the pattern for:

It's for a friend for christmas. The yarn is Rowan plaid and is just one of my favorites to knit with. So soft and springy. A great choice for cables.

And we're actually bringing our new dog home on Saturday. Her foster family has been keeping her for us till we could finish building a deck and put up cat fence (so everyone can go into the yarn without ending up in the street). I'm super excited!

Have a great Friday!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful yarn and enjoy the new doggie!

kat said...

Ohh where did you get the book. She's all sold out on her site.

amber said...

Kat... email her. She is ordering more :) Her email should be on the page I liked to.


Holly said...

What kind of yarn is that that you have for the scarves? It is so pretty and lustrous.

Holly said...

Or rather, what brand? (doh! I noticed that your title was Merino!)

amber said...

didn't see your post till now Holly :)

that is the merino seller. Great stuff. I'm very pleased with the colors and the yarn softness.