March 27, 2005

zippers n stuff

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here are the zippers I ordered from

I figured I'd get a couple extra since I was ordering. The one on the far right is a perfect match for the dark purple/brown of my ribby cardigan. I'm a bit frightened of sewing it in but I'll give it a go this week.

I finished my hoodie from the last post and it's drying as I type.
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See more photos in my finished projects page The body was a little short but I'm hoping that I blocked it well enough to fix that.

As far as my trying not to buy anymore yarn for a while... not doing so well. Better than I have been but I've been buying more then I should. I've got 2 sweaters worth on order. is having a sale so I got some Cascade Eco and Eco+ (chocolate for the Eco and cinnamon in the Eco+). Well tomorrow is another day... I'll keep resisting as well as I can :-) Soon I'll have to start storing it in the coat closet as well.

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