March 20, 2005

WIP photos

I started this hoodie in early December... got the front, back and hood done and then shelved it. So a few weeks back I pulled it out and I now have the sleeves done up to about the elbow. It's made from Malabrigo bulky wool in Pasto green. The yarn is lovely to work with... here it is:

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The Flame sweater... color work is a pain. My dad will love it but I have to say these flames are not that fun. So many balls of yarn are involved... I untangle as much as I actually knit. There are a couple boo boo's but I'm happy with the result so far :-)

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Ribby almost done. The zipper is on order and will hopefully come next week. But the actual knitting is complete. I'm looking forward to wearing this. The Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran is awesome. Great to knit with and it's so cozy and soft. Yummy:

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Michelle said...

Your sweaters look great! I love your Ribby Cardi-glad to hear Jo Sharp is so nice :)

Dympna said...

Love all the pictures.
I hope to start my son's flame sweater sometime next week.
Good Luck on completing everything.