September 11, 2007

boatneck bluebell sleeves part 2


well I finished all of one sleeve and 80% or the second when it really dawned on me that I don't like a flared sleeve... the pattern is written with a pretty significant flare (see above flat sleeve). So I ripped back the 80% sleeve to where I added increases... and instead I'm decreasing 1 stitch at each end of the needle every 8th row. I just hope it turns out well.

That setback was enough to make me start another sweater because I'm tired of the blue bell. (although I have since been working on blue bell... I have one sleeve almost done again). I decided to start up the Tree Jacket pattern using merino in a darkred/brown/purple color.


the yarn is so nice and yummy :) And after then endless stockinette stitch of bluebell it's nice to work on this one (still really easy but more interesting)

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Octopus Knits said...

It's good you remembered you don't like flared sleeves before you finished both...

That colorway you're using for the Tree Jacket is stunning!