August 29, 2007

If all goes well...

I should be uploading photos tonight! I never realized how much I depend on our computer at home.

so just so Jill and Seamus don't feel left out... here are my other 2 animals (we have a total of 3 cats and a dog)



You saw Jack & Shasta :)

And in knitting news I think I'll swatch for both the Tree Jacket and the Phyllo Yoked sweater. See which one speaks to me. I'm at the elbow of the second sleeve of Boatneck Bluebell. So I'll get that one finished up before I start a new one :) I should also really knit the bottom of my Unisex knock-around pullover (bottom of post).. the one I abandoned back in August (2005). It's from Weekend Knitting.

Perhaps I'll Finish boatneck, then swatch for a new sweater, then finish up knockaround pullover... sheesh I have some knitting to do :)

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